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Inspection Documents 

Listed below is important information and associated documents you will need if you want DSP to perform your home inspection.  

If you have any additional questions please contact us.

All inspections will require a signed inspection agreement to be completed and returned to the inspector prior to the on-site inspection.  Simply choose which type of inspection you wish to have performed below and click on the link to open the form.  Print the form, complete the information, initial the check box, sign and date.

Form Submittal Options:

Option A - You may e-mail the completed form prior to the scheduled inspection to [email protected]

Option B -  You can print, sign the form, take a photo of the completed form and send via text or e-mail

Option C  - If you plan to meet the inspector at the property to be inspected, you may bring the completed form with you and give it                      to the inspector or make arrangements with your agent to deliver the form.

REMINDER!  Due to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) regulations, the inspector must have the completed and signed form prior to the start of the inspection.  IF DSP has not received a signed agreement by the scheduled inspection date and time, the inspection will need to be re-scheduled.  FYI:  DSP must have the signed agreement and the inspection fee must be paid in full before report delivery.

We at DSP sincerely apologize if this process inconveniences any customer.  However, the need for an signed inspection agreement in advance of the on-site inspection, provides protection for both DSP , the seller, and you the client.  If you have any questions or concerns about ANY component of the inspection process including this form, you may feel free to call us at 214-548-2352 or e-mail us at [email protected] Thank you for using DSP for you Home Inspection needs.

Performance Inspection Agreement  This type of inspection may be used for 11/12 month inspections to submit for builder warranty repairs to a new home.
Real Estate Sale Inspection Agreement  This type of inspection is for retail sale / purchase of a pre-owned residential home.
New Build Home Inspection Agreement   This type of inspection is performed on a newly constructed home prior to closing.

Commercial Building Inspection Agreement    This is for commercial buildings less than 12000 Square Feet in size

New- Construction Commercial Inspection Agreement click here

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Home Inspection Form  May be used for your reference only.  This is the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) promulgated form that all Texas home inspectors are required to use.  The completed report you will receive will have at a minimum, the content required by this form along with supporting photographs and additional information the inspector has identified as pertinent to the property you are considering for purchase.